Tuesday, October 13, 2009

over a cuppa

id like to think i made some friends in my spanish class. i sincerely hope we will be friends for a long time.

we had a good time talking yesterday over a cuppa. how refreshing it was to talk to people who are going thru the same things as me. it made me feel like my old self again. just talking with them made me happy. i miss my friends but on the other hand i dont regret staying away from some of them. i felt like they were negative energies solely there for the purpose of dragging me down with them with their sad lives and miserable mindsets.

i so wish i have a job right now. universe!

Friday, October 2, 2009

how time flies!

today is our first year wedding anniversary :D

i am grateful to God for giving us a year full of patience, perseverance, positivity, love, laughter, tears, change, learning, forgiving, living, peace, harmony, quiet times, and so much more!

i am grateful to my family back in the philippines and singapore and also to my new family here in gibraltar for their support, encouragement and love! they are our confidants, our cheerleaders and our best friends!

i am grateful to new beginnings, new possibilities, new opportunities!

i am grateful for hopes and dreams.... i am so excited to see them in reality!

oh i am so grateful for perfect health!

i am grateful to new friends and old ones and found ones and long-lost ones and for the others to come!

i am grateful for our house, our jobs and enough money for our everyday needs and so much more!

i am grateful for blessings that i have and blessings that will come! so much so that an upside-down umbrella would not be enough to contain them all!

above all, i am grateful to my husband, my best friend and my soul mate for not giving up on us!

to everything, i am so grateful!