Monday, July 29, 2013

Roman Holiday - the sites

apologies for my long absence but I have been so caught up with summer and work that I have not been able to post anything.

anyways, a few weeks ago we came back from our holiday in Rome and I am sharing some pics with you of what I saw and loved in the Eternal City.

first the sites :)

(1) the Colosseum - a few blocks from our hotel, i finally saw the real thing! so huge and pockmarked (was looted for the lead and marble during the Renaissance) and beautiful.  i was instantly awe-struck!

(2) a nasoni or a fountain, spouting cool and refreshing water from the ancient aqueducts, with the ruins of the Palatine Hill in the background and the Circus Maximus in between

(3) inside the Pantheon, an experience like no other, an architectural marvel and where we also saw Rafael's tomb

(4) of course, the Trevi Fountain, overflowing not with water but with tourists!

(5) the Palazzo della Esposizioni

(6) la Boca della Verita or the Mouth of Truth or the Ancient Lie-Detector

(7) the Hollywood on the Tiber, Cinecitta

(8) the Vatican Museum where I finally saw Michelangelo's masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.  no photos were allowed inside but outside our necks hurt from all the goodies up on the ceiling

(9) can you see the dome of St. Peter's basilica? view from the Palatine Hill, where the emperors once lived

(10) in St. Peter's square

there was a lot of walking involved here and we came home very, very happy but with very, very sore feet!

next up... the food!