Monday, November 9, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

its been nippy here since October and i am still adjusting to the cold (20 degrees Celsius). its really not too cold... but cold enough! for me at least.
the spread at my in-law's house

Sunday, November 8, 2009

handmade christmas cards

i have been busy lately with school, getting ready for norway and making my own personalized christmas cards :D nothing too fancy, just simple, made from the heart cards :D

the old man and the sea... of misery

right across our building is this thin piece of old man living alone with his trusty old dog. he was supposed to be a miserly, crusty old portuguese with annoying relatives like you and me but for some reason i dont see anyone visit him or do "family" things with him. his only companion was this loud dog who is by the way, very protective of him.

one day he had difficulty breathing and someone had to call the ambulance. he doesnt want to go to the hospital though because he doesnt want to leave his dog alone. i would imagine the dog has now become his next of kin.

on his good days, he has a habit of starting and gunning the engine of his dusty and rusty car a number of times and irritating the hell out of people in the estate. because this usually happens on a saturday!

i would imagine a little social interaction, more tolerance and less of the "imposing" oneself would do people a helluva lot more good in this world. but then again, look whos talking!