Sunday, June 16, 2013

Papa Edgar

with "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" sang by Barbara Streisand in the movie "Yentl" softly playing in the background, i pay homage to my awesome dad :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

flea market finds: ghosts and green monsters

the days have been getting more beautiful each day here in Gibraltar.  clear blue skies and cool, breezy days.  perfect for a carboot sale!  of course i wouldn't want to let this opportunity pass.  remember, they are so few and far between here in Gib! 
people have caught on! over the years  i've observed that there are more and more people checking out the goods!
so before i and the mister took off for a little getaway, we just had to stop by and shoot a few pics and browse a few stalls :) 
against the backdrop of the imposing Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque in Europa Point, the only mosque here in Gibraltar which also contains a school, a library and a lecture hall and was a gift by the King of Saudi Arabia in 1995
i only bought a few items as i think i enjoy the rush of seeing different and unique things more than my impulse buying (although, i recently sold one of my flea market finds for a good sum!).

here are my finds!

(1) two chinese jade-colored candle with a weird mama creature snuggling with two of her weird babies (i am guessing this is part of a chinese zodiac candle collection)
 (2) i was intrigued more of the title than what it really is.  after doing a little research, i found out that the author had been a commentator and a staunch critic of the Marcoses during the late 70's.  definitely now in my to-read list :)
so yeah those two are just what i bought but i had fun browsing and taking pictures of the things i wanna take home with me :)
from left to right: Gibraltar crystal hand-blown vase, lime green Moroccan sandals, a handmade doorstop (more for a finca i think!), a glittery top (boogie nights!) and the most delicate cups and saucers i ever did see!

from left to right: a cute smiling voodoo doll(?) or maybe a charred gingerbread man?  he's dapper though!, a wooden bowl, a repurposed crane, an old camera and a couple of jazz aficionados
ahhh, one sweet day! 

i end this post with a pic of this elderly lady, with prams and suitcases brimming with goods, as she waits for the bus heading home happy and contented.  she probably can't wait to show off her finds too! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

flea market finds: lights, camera, action!

here in Gib we have facebook groups that sell second-hand stuff (pretty much like Craigslist and eBay) that is very small scale and only to a select online demographics.  sometimes i find good bargains in these groups and this is how i found my new Polaroid P.
grey Polaroid P with built-in flash in really good condition

in my favorite shop, i also found this beautiful tiny tin tray with the Daher mark, made in the England.
19x15cms with an intricate design of flowers and butterflies
we've been having brilliant days lately apart from the ocassional freak storm but i went to a carboot sale the other week and i will be posting my finds pretty soon.
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