Sunday, April 28, 2013

dance of reciprocity

i went to a 2-day training (for my work) last week which extensively explained how "the baby is the father of man".  the discussions involved theoretical foundations such as containment, reciprocity and behaviour management.  in my humble opinion, this simply translates to how crucial parenting skills are in how we turn out as adults.

we were given an assignment: to look for the dance of reciprocity in our everyday lives.

what is the dance of reciprocity?  

it describes the sophisticated interaction between a baby and an adult where both are involved in the initiation, regulation and termination of the interaction.  it can also be used to describe the interaction within all relationships.  it involves initiation, orientation, state of attention, acceleration, peak of excitement, deceleration and withdrawal or turning away (Brazelton, 1974).

while i was enjoying a lovely sunny spring morning sitting at the piazza last week with a friend, i saw the most incredible example of the dance of reciprocity right before my very eyes.

i spotted this little girl tirelessly chasing pigeons while her mum was busy talking to a friend. Daisy Duck meanwhile was just coming out from the side of the street.  the moment the little girl saw her, she ran squealing towards Daisy with open arms. Daisy also opened her arms immediately and they shared the warmest of hugs, the peak of their excitement.  and then they would let go and the little girl would look up to Daisy and smile and ran around her and hugged her again.  they would do this dance over and over again until the little girl was called by her mum.  and then they waved goodbye and blew kisses at each other.

this picture of utter happiness stayed with me all throughout that day and even until now.
so happy to see you!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

from america with love

I have not been to the US of A but I have a lot of good friends living there.  Most particularly, a sweet bookworm who I constantly trade stuff with and is my "American Connection" so to speak :)  If there is something I want but is only available in the US of A, this charming friend procures it for me and vice versa.  

Sometimes, we just send each other silly stuff (the best ones, really) like the stuff below:
a book about remarkable women and their impact on the sailors of the Great Lakes (love!)
loving the pattern of this canvas shopping bag 
turquoise bracelet yay!
this is new to me... beef jerky, sasquatch style!
who doesn't love chocolate?
Thank you my sweet friend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

in search of sushi

that restlessness again... for something new, for something challenging, for something to rejuvenate the soul... and the palate...

i've been searching for a place like this for so long... with upside down yellow chairs nailed to a pink wall...
with giant Japanese parasols suspended in the ceiling... dappled in the afternoon sunlight...
with a shadowbox full of memories and mysteries...
with shadowboxes full of remembrances and secrets...
where they hide among big banana fronds...
and then, one mouthful of my rainbow sushi and everything is alright in the world...
nothing beats old school, though... food for the famished soul and the tired hippocampus...
banana tempura... with the toasted sesame chasing the blues away... best when shared with one teaspoon...
 Surla in my mind...
 i shall return.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

would-'ave, could-'ave, should-'ave

oh the things i left behind at the carboot... there were many but these i picked because i liked them...

from top left: an old-fashioned purse with a b&w picture of a retro girl, an 1879 New York and Manhattan Express collage made from parts of timepieces, a series of blue watercolor frames and a vintage iron with a cork handle
from top left: a chicken wire basket pretty much like my own (except mine was painted sunny yellow), a b&w picture of Marilyn Monroe, brand new pink Timberlands and a rug with geometric designs

Monday, April 8, 2013

flea market finds: a spring in my step

two weeks into spring and still the weather was stubborn to let go of the last vestiges of Old Man Winter... but finally last saturday i did it... i hopped and skipped and almost jumped...

because last saturday i was on my way to a carboot sale! and here are my beautiful finds:
cheap and chic! a pair of Ikea Skribent bookends that I have been looking for the longest time! made of strong birch and galvanised steel, they give my second-hand books a modern feel
a sweet ole guy manning a stall full of toys had me at "traditional" with this yoyo
a clear glass Parlane Collection flower frog
a Chinese bamboo steamer that the owner has not found the time to use :)  dumplings galore!
a hunter green silk clutch with a beautiful bird design still in its plastic wrap
one of the trends for Spring 2013 is shimmery, iridescent metallics so this pair of shiny brand-new Cherokee sneakers would just fit right in!
my last find is a total score.  retailing at £40 a pair,  this brand new (still in packaging), woollen, shearling-lined, gunmetal gray classic from Toms are the  most comfortable pair i've ever worn!  the lady i bought this from said it was meant for her granddaughter but that she didn't like them. lucky, lucky me!

my next post will be all about the things i saw and left behind at the carboot  :)

*linking to The Penny Worthy Project in hey what's for dinner mom?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

the total package

got another package from my sister!  and when i opened it... ooohhhlala!

beautifully illustrated Filipino notepads
a beautiful navy satchel from Charles and Keith for all my paperworks
my favorite prawn rolls and soft pork floss from Bee Cheng Hiang
i am crazy about handmade, one-of-a-kind soaps at the moment so she also sent me some Lush