Friday, April 30, 2010

featured place in Gib: inside the rock

its been a year exactly since i came here and ive never been out of Gibraltar except when we went to Norway last December. so i make it a point to visit places here that ive never been to (mostly only the tourists go to these places). the locals just can't be bothered by their own history.

and so we found ourselves (well, i mostly demand this from my husband for the sake of my sanity) following a guide through the many World War II tunnels inside the Rock. it was an elaborate maze and imagining the more then 3,000 people from July 1940 to March 1943 living and working there was just remarkable!

its always very fulfilling for me to experience new things and visit places i've never been to especially those with history. i think it is just essential to my well-being to do this. or else ill probably wilt and be mean and grouchy and we dont want that to happen. no-uh!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

flea market finds: brown and brass

where to begin? i have not been writing here for 5 months! i don't have any excuses really. its just that the mood just wasn't there :P

well, i have been religious though in one thing hehe which is going to my weekly haunts. Gib is a small place and the negative stigma of going to a flea market or a charity shop is still very much alive! but i really don't give a rat's ass! ha!

anyway, i am envigorated! and i want to share with you my fabulous finds which by the way will either be given to the precious friends i have found here in Gib who shares my love for design and creativity OR be sold back to the charity shop when i tire of them or when i really couldn't incorporate them in the overall scheme of things how ever hard i try.

the first one i have is a beautiful, beautiful antique coal scuttle which a kindly old lady sold to me for a ridiculous price! this would be lovely as a planter (think a riot of daffodils!) or a container for books. my mind is racing because i did an online search and one actually costs between £190 - £300!

the next one is an ikea chocolate brown vase which goes well with anything!
I am soooo deliriously happy with these finds and i couldn't wait for next week for more fabulous finds! i promise to write more often ;)