Sunday, May 16, 2010

steak and fake orange juice

saturday night was date night :) chris took me to dinner at Gaucho's where we had a tasty dinner of steak (i had rack of ribs) and some wine (supposedly *rolls eyes* this was before the server forgot and brought me coke instead!). afterwards we went to have dessert (supposedly: coffee!) to the celebrity sports wine and bar. i had normal chocolate ice cream and he had THE most fake orange juice ever. :-s
we saw some friends (jenny and ivan and ethan) and that was nice. and then a troop of guys in drag came which encouraged catcalls and hoots from the guests.
we decided to follow them to O'Reillys and it was just a laugh from there :D i took some photos and even posed with Miss France hehe
oh how i love times like these :D chris is just awesome :X

Saturday, May 1, 2010

to the beach, to the beach!

tuesday this week i went to the beach with my friend jenny and her 3-year old son ethan. it was therapeutic! i feel jenny and i think the same way and she almost always instantly knows what i mean or what im talking about. she is a blessing! and so is cute, smart and adorable ethan :)