Monday, February 25, 2013

the return of the defiant

i am back my dearies, how are ya’ll?  i know i have been sooooo absent and lacking in my posts since i came back but please do hear me out…

start of the year and already we had a multitude of challenges. 

first, we came home from our month-long vacation in the Philippines to an even moldier, more mildewed house :( we live on the ground floor and whatever leakage problem the higher floors have will automatically form a catchment in our bathroom.  our landlord arranged for workers to come to our house for a week and do repairs.  naturally, the house was in shambles!  and it took another week to put the house back in order again!

second, our car had a clutch problem and therefore had to be serviced for a week.  and it cost us an arm and a leg plus an ear to get it back!

third, i was in the middle of an important job interview and because of the chaos all over our house with four big eastern-european blokes rushing to and fro, i forgot to read through the job descriptions and therefore, came across as a bit uninformed and unprepared during the interview. 

fourth, the mister’s phone died a natural death. (another costly expenditure)

fifth, our remote control suddenly died out on us! (this is an important thing in our house especially since we were in the middle of winter)

sixth, my beloved reliable Canon Ixus 80 also died on me :( i am still in mourning and haven't found a suitable replacement yet.

seventh, i got the job!  woohoo!  but it meant training for the whole month of February so i was a bit busy and pre-occupied with that.  it didn’t leave me any time to do some writing :(

so there you are, my challenges for the first two months of 2013.  nothing that can’t be handled with a little bit of patience, ingenuity and a prayer though.  i did manage to drop by my favorite shops a couple of times just to get out of the stress zone.  will tell you about my finds in my next posts.  also, of my visit to family and friends back in the pearl of the orient seas. in the meantime, spring is coming :)
de-stressing in Tarifa with a bottle of limoncello