Sunday, October 21, 2012

flea market finds: no swimming!

who wants to go for a swim?

there were considerably more stalls at the car-boot sale in the GASA (Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association) parking lot than there were the last time.
i came by early and managed to dive into the deep and fish out some hidden gems!
a string of the most beautiful champagne-colored fresh-water pearls.  bought for a ridiculous .50p, they measure about 7-8mm each and are irregularly shaped and not perfectly round but that is just how i want them!
this is a curiosity in itself.  a 4cm diameter Medusa medallion with a quote from Dante Alighieri’s (The Divine Comedy) Inferno cto. IX-52 “venga Medusa, de la farem di smalto” which roughly translates to “come Medusa, we will enamel (of colored glass) him” or “come Medusa, we will turn him into stone”.  This was the threat given to Dante by the The Three Furies at the gates of Dis, the Infernal City.
i saw another medallion in another stall.  this time i think it is Celtic hung on leather.  the brown circular trinket box below is Morrocan and made from the precious thuya wood.
i also found these art books below for .50p each :)  they are very inspiring! 
i’ve read M. Kundera’s existential book a long time ago and there are a lot of facets that i want to read again (because i didn’t get it then and i guess partly because i am hoping for an “aha!” moment now). 
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  1. Love your finds, especially the beads.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. thanks liz! thanks for the shout-out too :) much appreciated! xx

  2. Hi there
    I've just blog hopped over from Liz's blog Shortbread & Ginger, who has given you a shout out on her blog.
    I am now your newest follower :-)
    A very interesting post...always keen to read about other people and places. I am very much into flea markets when I can get out and about. There are quite a few here in Alicante where I live. I have a little set back though which impedes me going as much as I would like,my hubby Sr P hates them so I usually go alone or recruit my daughter to go with me. It doesn't always happen but I've been nicely surprised more than once on picking up a bit of china or vintage lace for a ridiculously cheap price.
    Those beads are really lovely...I think you'll find river perals are never so perfectly round or smooth as sea pearls are however like yourself I like them ...their lustre is like satin.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. thank you amanda! i've just browsed through your blog and i am happy knowing that Alicante has a few flea markets as well! who knows we might pass by the area and twould be handy to visit a few :) i wish i have your talent for making beautiful things out of yarn :)

  3. Love those pearls, what a real bargain! Well spotted.

  4. Joining in on the excitement of your buried treasure...freshwater pearls! Wear them in good health!

  5. wow some unexpectedly intellectual finds in a swimming pool car park, who'd've thunk it? That Medusa medallion is really special, hold on to it. That series of books is great too and the pearl necklace was a steal! xx

  6. Great scores! I especially love the pearls and that Medusa medallion--how gorgeous and interesting!

  7. I'd love to check out a car boot sale one day ;) Great finds, and cute blog. I'm playing catch-up with it.

  8. The boot sale looks like so much fun, and you got some great deals. :)

  9. What awesome finds! I love the pretty pearl necklace and the quirky Medusa pendant- it's really cool and different!
    xoxo Lauren