Tuesday, October 30, 2012


halloween despite being the invention of the Celts, is very much the most celebrated of all holidays especially in America.  here in Gibraltar, it is not so noticeable apart from the occasional zombie or witch that we see on the weekend prior to the eve of the first of November smoking a ciggy or drinking a pint while discussing first world problems.

i try my best to be “evil” every year so this year i put up my usual decors (just varying the function and placement for variety), bought some candy and wait for the fun part (which is to hear that knock on our door by tiny cute blood-sucking creatures).
made with scrap fabric from my ribbon-making days and left-over spiders and spiderwebs, a raven cut-out and googly-eyes, all attached to an African grass trivet that i got from a shop that was closing down.
the scariest plastic bats ever i bought from a little boy for a pound (for a pack of 4) at the carboot sale last year.  i suspended them from the ceiling in the verandah with a fishing line and voila!
we eat locally so let’s see if we can scare a little wee vampire or two like we did last year :)
(monstrify yourself at www.picmonkey.com)


  1. that bat is pretty terrifying! I love the picmonkey Halloween stuff,i want it to stay all year round!

  2. I love your picture! At least you are getting into the swing of Halloween even if no one else on Gib is!!

    1. thanks anne! yeah, we do get the very rare trick or treaters so i make sure to have candy ready :)

  3. That bottom picture is soooo creepy!! Hope your Halloween was a very happy one!