Friday, November 2, 2012

flea market finds: three scoops of ephemera

my heart goes out to the people affected by hurricane Sandy in the East Coast.  i know the feeling since my hometown in the Philippines got a really big blow from typhoon Sendong last year. 

as is customary here in Gib, we’ve started to feel all of the four seasons in one day and the clock has moved back an hour so its officially “otoño” or autumn.

despite the steady downpour and feisty wind, i visited my favorite shop and found these:IMG_0775
three copper ladles for a pound is not bad.  i have just the perfect repurposing idea for them ;)
three vintage Italian postcards of 2 famous comedies (La Dolce Vita and Signore Si Nasce) and one opera (Madama Butterfly) from long ago for .25p each.

ohhhh the sun just came out ;)

*linking to Thrifty Love @ Cap Creations :)


  1. As you probably know it's going to be a long recovery for a lot of people. Times like these we need to stick together.
    I just love the graphics in the post cards and can't wait to see your repurpose idea for the scoops.

  2. The Philippines have had more than their share of disaster weather. Remember all the volcanic ash twenty years ago? Can you imagine the cleanup? It is amazing what people can overcome. Praying for those affected by the storm that this huge mess can also be retored.

    I really love the copper ladles. I would have bought them too! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with them!

    1. natural disasters are part of the Philippine way of life. yes, i remember that time when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. i was a sophomore in college and we were thousands of miles away from the volcano but we still got most of the ash. thanks so much jeanne! you're a blessing :)

  3. Those postcards are awesome! I love vintage prints and illustrations. You'll have to show us what you plan to do with those ladles too! :)
    xoxo Lauren